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Who is hiding behing Un Rêve, Un Voyage ?

My name is Mylène, thirty years old, engineer by day, blogger by night and weekend. I am passionate about travel and street-art. Two passions that I regularly combine, tracking down street-art spots during my various excursions.

Here we are in 2021, in a somewhat special health context with “covid” appearing in our lives for 1 year already. Between confinements and repeated curfews, I finally found the time to sort my photos and create travel albums (I was a few years behind!).

Seeing the enthusiasm aroused with my friends and the advice that I was regularly asked for, I decided to create my travel blog to share with you photos, advice, good addresses, stories and essential photo spots to prepare your next trips.

I share my life with a tall dark-haired man with blue eyes (who is super cool by the way)! He rereads and corrects the small spelling mistakes that have crept in everywhere. So if you have any comments, I’ll let you see directly with him! He is also my private photographer who shares the same passion as me for travel (phew!!). We complement each other very well since there is always someone who has an idea for a weekend, who has spotted a new hike in our beloved Pyrenees or a new destination to discover!

Traveling gives us a certain freedom away from the daily routine and we are convinced that each adventure makes us grow on all levels. What we like the most when traveling: discovering wide open spaces and unusual places (and sleeping in some of these places). But also discover the culture and cuisine of the different people we meet. And of course capture all these moments in photos, to animate our memories! We seek our inspiration in big cities as well as in nature.

Whether it’s stays in France, road trips in Europe or further afield, we continue to discover the world with passion! And for us, discovery is shared.

Through my blog and social networks, I hope to inspire you to travel and live your dreams. And if I can pass on some useful information to you to prepare your own adventures and experiences, that will be a little extra.

I give you the opportunity to share your feelings and experiences in comments under each article or to contact me directly if you wish using the contact form.

See you soon, here or elsewhere!

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