Neuschwanstein Castle and its neighbor Hohenschwangau

    Cliquez ici pour la Version Française Neuschwanstein Castle and neighboring Hohenschwangau Once upon a time, there was a young prince who became king of a very pretty little country… He was mad about history, mad about castles, mad about the arts, so he built three magnificent castles in his native Bavaria, bringing with him a flood of equally mad spending. Ludwig II of Bavaria’s life may have seemed like a tragic tale, but he left posterity and today’s world with castles straight out of his wildest dreams… including the most famous of them all: Neuschwanstein! Practical information 1 | Exuberant Schloss Neuschwanstein This magnificent castle built by Ludwig II of…


    Berlin in 3 days: the complete guide

    Cliquez ici pour la Version Française To visit Berlin is to enter history with a capital H. History that is evident at virtually every street corner. The Second World War and the Cold War (with the Berlin Wall) left important traces that are still visible today. Berlin is also one of the coolest, most creative and trendiest cities I’ve ever visited! It’s a city on the move, bubbling with life, and you can feel it right away. After more than 6 stays in Berlin, my vision of the city has evolved and I’ve discovered some amazing places that are part of Berlin’s DNA and deserve a detour, just like the…