Krka National Park in Croatia: the complete guide

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Among Croatia’s National Parks, don’t miss Krka. It lies inland between the towns of Zadar and Split.

This magnificent National Park covers an area of 109 km² and is home to the Krka River and numerous waterfalls, including the famous Skradin Falls. The Skradin Falls are in fact made up of 17 waterfalls! The last is the most impressive at 10 meters high.
The park offers the chance to wander through the surrounding flora and fauna. A relatively easy 1.9 km hiking trail offers a truly enchanting walk along the shores of Lake Visovačko jezero . The signposted path winds its way through the heart of nature, with numerous pontoons and wooden walkways leading from waterfall to waterfall over the park’s translucent waters. What’s more, the dense vegetation provides plenty of shade, which is much appreciated in summer.

Practical information

  • How to get there: The park is located near the town of Sibénik, about 1 hour’s drive from Split (via the E65 freeway).There are two main entrances, either from the village of Lozovac or from the village of Skradin:

    Lovozac: large parking lots make parking easy. From April to October, free shuttle buses take you to the site below. You can also get there on foot via the hiking trails (approx. 875 m).

    Skradin: from April to November, access to the park is by boat (included in the entrance fee) or by a 4 km pedestrian and cycle route. We were staying in Skradin ourselves, so we opted for the boat option.
  • Park opening hours: open daily.
    July and August: 8am-7pm
    June and September: 9am-6pm
    April-May and October: 9am-5pm
    January to March and November-December: 9am-4pm
  • Price: entrance fees vary according to season: entrance valid for 7 days.
    Approximately €4 per adult from November to March,
    Just under €15 per adult from April to June and September to October,
    Around €27 per adult in July and August!
  • Eating and drinking in the park: At the large waterfall, a number of wooden tables and shops (restaurants and refreshment stands) are available for picnics and refreshments.

If you also want to discover Plitvice National Park, I recommend you start with Krka National Park, which is almost 3 times smaller than Plitvice National Park. But it’s still a jewel of nature, even if less impressive.
One small plus, although we could argue about it, is that swimming is permitted in a designated area (unlike in Plitvice, where swimming is strictly forbidden in the entire park). All the more reason not to miss this little corner of paradise!

Enjoy your discovery!


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