Norway road trip: Geirangerfjord (stage 07)

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7th stop on our Norwegian road trip: the majestic Geirangerfjord. This fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a natural wonder that dazzles with its raw beauty and tranquility. From spectacular waterfalls to snow-capped peaks and abundant wildlife, Geirangerfjord offers an experience like no other.

You can discover the fjord from the sea, but also from the various viewpoints overlooking it: the Sentier des Cascades, the Virage de l’Aigle, Flydalsjuvet, Skaglefa farm, Dalsnibba. Each of these viewpoints offers a unique perspective on the majestic Geirangerfjord. There’s no doubt about it, it’s truly breathtaking!

Stage 07: Geiranger

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What to see and do in Geirangerfjord?

1 | Visit downtown Geiranger and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate

Geiranger is a small town made up of old boathouses and wooden houses, now occupied mainly by stores and restaurants. We managed to enjoy our visit despite the many tourists from the huge cruise ships that anchor in the fjord every day.

For our part, we were the gourmands, and stopped off at the Sjokolade Fjordnær chocolate store. We enjoyed a hot chocolate on the pleasant little terrace behind the store below. You can also try chocolate combinations with original flavors (such as brunost or whisky).

Parking: we found spaces on 2 occasions in the free parking lot next to the Joker convenience store, next to the quay. It could hardly be more central.

2 | Take the Cascades Trail

If you have time, head up to the Waterfall Trail from Geiranger. This one-kilometre trail brings you up close to the mighty Storfossen waterfalls via staircases (327 steps) and metal observation platforms. You’ll be up close to the waterfalls (be careful, it’s wet) and you can get a good view of the fjord from above. It’s a round trip.

3 | Riding the road to the Eagles

The Eagle Route, or Ørneveien in Norwegian, is a spectacular panoramic road linking Geiranger to Eidsdal. It climbs to 625 metres above the fjord in 11 hairpin bends.

The photo was taken from far away, on the other side of the fjord, hence the poor quality!

The last bend is called the Eagle Bend (Ørnesvingen) and offers an extraordinary view of the Geirangerfjord. From here, the view is even grander, revealing the magnificent waterfalls known as the Seven Sisters.

Parking: there are a few parking spaces right next to the viewpoint. It’s a bit of a mess, especially as busloads of tourists occupy some of the spaces.

4 | Photographing Geirangerfjord from Flydalsjuvet viewpoint

Flydalsjuvet viewpoint is one of Norway’s most popular spots for taking photos of the fjord and the mountains that surround it. Located around 4 km from Geiranger, it offers an impressive view of Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord. It’s truly magical.

The viewpoint is divided into two plateaus, one upper and one lower, linked by a road. Of course, I recommend that you walk between the 2 plateaus.

Flydalsjuvet: viewpoint 1
Flydalsjuvet: viewpoint 2

Parking: as far as parking is concerned, there are 2 parking lots located at the 2 viewpoints along the road.

5 | Cruise the Geirangerfjord

A cruise in the Geirangerfjord is clearly a must. It’s not for nothing that this fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! I can’t recommend it enough. You’ll be able to admire the spectacular mountains and several waterfalls, including the “Bridal Veil” (at the entrance to the fjord) and the “Seven Sisters” (the seven most famous waterfalls in Geirangerfjord, which plunge into the fjord from breathtaking cliffs).


There are several companies offering cruises. You can get all the information you need at the Visitor Center (located in Geiranger). It was at the Visitor Center that we picked up our tickets (the day before).

  • Fjord Cruise Geirangerfjord: This cruise takes you by ferry between Geiranger and Hellesylt. The cruise lasts about an hour.
  • Cruise Europe: This company offers cruises on the Geirangerfjord with different types of boats, including RIBs, kayaks and motorboats. You can enjoy an ecological and fun experience while admiring the beauty of the landscape.

During the cruise, the boat stops at Skagehola to let passengers on and off. From here, you can walk up to Skageflå farm (or even hike up to Geiranger). I’ll tell you all about it in the paragraph just below.

6 | Hike to Skageflå farm above Geirangerfjord

Skageflå Farm is an old farmhouse dating back to the Middle Ages. It is situated on a rocky promontory some 270 meters above sea level. It was the venue for the wedding of King Harald and Queen Sonja in 1993. And if you like walking, I recommend you climb up to this viewpoint. It’s clearly the highlight of our trip!


To hike to Skageflå farm, you have several options:

  • Option 1: You can take the boat from the Geiranger terminal to Skagehola, the starting point for the hike. The climb takes around 45 minutes and offers panoramic views of the fjord and the Seven Sisters waterfalls. This is the option we chose.
  • Option 2: You can also hike from the Geiranger parking lot. The distance is around 8 km and the difference in altitude is 550 meters. The hike takes around 4 hours and allows you to admire the spectacular scenery of Geirangerfjord from the heights.

You can, of course, combine these 2 options in any way you like, both on the outward and return journey. If you plan to take the boat for the return trip only, don’t forget to book in advance.


Note: I’d also recommend checking the weather conditions, as the trails can be muddy. For option 2, I’ve read on several occasions that some people found the hike very painful because of the slush all along the trail and the large slippery rocks. For option 1, we also remarked that it was much better without slush and rain, as the climb is quite steep.

If you can, plan to picnic at the farm (there are even tables provided)! The view is incredible. From here, you can see not only the fjord, but also the Seven Sisters and the Knivsflå mountain farm.

Note: we stopped at the farm, but it is possible to continue the hike to climb a little above the farm. The view is just as breathtaking!

7 | Admire the Geirangerfjord from the viewpoint at Dalsnibba

At around 1,500 meters above sea level, this mountain offers breathtaking views of the village and the Geirangerfjord. The road to get there is just as beautiful! This road is equipped with an automatic toll booth (150 NOK/car) where you can pay with coins or credit card. The toll road is generally open from mid-May to October.


The viewpoint at Dalsnibba is the most spectacular in the fjord. However, visibility can depend on weather conditions and the season. If it’s overcast, you’re unlikely to see anything. So don’t hesitate to wait, or come back at another time of day. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay the toll again… so it’s a good idea to check the weather conditions before you go up.


Parking: there’s a large parking lot at the viewpoint, but like all the other parking lots on Geirangerfjord it can quickly become overcrowded in high season, especially with the large number of buses.

Where to stay in the heart of Geirangerfjord?

I’ve got a great address to recommend! It’s a large cottage with every comfort (shower and kitchen included) and a magnificent view of the fjord.

Reservations can also be made via

Thanks for reading!


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