Slovenia road trip: Ljubljana and Lake Bled

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Slovenia, located in the heart of Europe, is a destination that offers a diversity of landscapes and unforgettable experiences. From its crystal-clear lakes, such as Lake Bled, which is certainly Slovenia’s best-known landmark, to its picturesque towns and charming capital, Ljubljana. Slovenia is a real gem to discover.

In this article, I take you on a road trip to the heart of this beautiful country. You can allow 3 days to take in all the sights.

Each article will provide you with practical tips and detailed information to help you plan your trip to Slovenia.

Enjoy your trip!

Article 1 : Ljubljana in 2 days: the complete guide

Ljubljana Bled

Ljubljana, the green capital, is a student city in central Slovenia with a population of 280,000, including 50,000 students. It’s a charming little capital and very easy to get around on foot. You’ll be charmed by the gentle atmosphere: the many bars and restaurants along the Ljubljanica River, the pretty, colorful, flower-filled facades, and the typical little streets around Castle Hill. If the city isn’t very big, it’s its atmosphere that you learn to appreciate and discover. There’s a real dolce vita here, and everyone feels right at home.

Article 2 : Lake Bled in Slovenia: practical tips

Ljubljana Bled

Lake Bled is certainly Slovenia’s best-known landmark. This church, set on a confetti island in the heart of a lake surrounded by lush green mountains, has enormous charm. Incidentally, it’s the only island in Slovenia.

Article 3: Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia: practical tips

Ljubljana Bled

If you’re planning a trip to discover Slovenia’s treasures, you’ll certainly have heard of Lake Bled and the surrounding area. Among the must-sees is the Vintgar Gorge. This is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic places to be found in this part of Slovenia, and its scenery is simply breathtaking.

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