Visit the island of Procida near Naples: the complete guide

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Procida is the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples, with an area of just 4.1 km2. It’s a hidden gem offering a unique blend of simplicity, authenticity and Italian charm. With its colorful houses and picturesque seaside squares, it is often described as the epitome of Mediterranean paradise. The island has managed to remain relatively untouched by mass tourism.

Like me, you’re sure to fall in love with this charming island with its relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking natural beauty.

Don’t forget that, although Procida is less famous than its neighbors Capri and Ischia, it offers an equally captivating experience. If you’re planning a trip to Italy and looking for a destination off the beaten track, consider adding Procida to your itinerary. You won’t be disappointed!

What to see and do on your visit to Procida?


Practical information

  • How do I get to Procida? Getting there is relatively straightforward. Ferries leave from the Calata Porta Di Massa harbor in Naples. There are two companies to choose from: SNAV and Caremar. The journey takes around 30-40 minutes with hydrofoils (fast ferries), while conventional ferries take a little longer.
  • How long can I stay on the island of Procida? In terms of length of stay, the island of Procida is quite small, so one night is certainly enough, but it all depends on your pace of travel and your desires. For my part, I spent a full day there. That was enough for me to tour the island, but it must be a real pleasure to spend the night there and wake up facing the sea!
  • How do I get around Procida? To get around the island of Procida, you can easily do so on foot or by electric bike. If you have luggage or are short of time, you can also take the mini-buses that connect the island’s main points of interest. Bus tickets to get around the island can be purchased at tobacconists or other shops displaying biglieteria.
  • How do I get to Capri or Ischia from Procida? To get to Capri or Ischia from Procida, you can take a ferry. Services are operated by Alicost and Alilauro Gruson. Travel time between Procida and Ischia varies from 20 to 30 minutes, and from Procida to Capri is around 55 minutes.

What to see in Procida ?


One of Procida’s main attractions is Terra Murata, a medieval village perched on the island’s highest point. Here you’ll find the Palazzo d’Avalos and the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele.

The village offers breathtaking views of the island, including Marina Corricella, famous for its vibrant, colorful architecture. The viewpoint is called “Panoramica sulla Corricella”.


Marina Corricella is another must-visit spot on the island. This charming fishing village is famous for its pastel-colored houses, which beautifully reflect the island’s architecture. The village buildings were originally designed to store boats during the winter, but have now been transformed into houses, guest rooms and restaurants.



Marina Grande is the main ferry port. It’s also a lively area, full of stores and restaurants.

Beaches: where to swim in Procida?

Swimming options on the island of Procida are fairly limited. There are only three real beaches, the others being coves among the rocks.

  • La Capannina Lido: just above Marina Chiaiolella. There’s a private area with sunbeds and a restaurant. It is followed by two other beaches, the spiaggia di Ciraccio and the spiaggia libera della Chiaiolella.
  • Spiaggia Chiaia: located just 1 km south of Marina Corricella, Spiaggia Chiaia is a black sand beach that can be reached on foot when arriving by ferry. Although narrower, Spiaggia Chiaia offers magnificent views of Marina Corricella and Terra Murata.
  • Spiaggia di Silurenza: a small black-sand beach on the north side of the island. It’s the easiest beach to reach, as it’s only 450 meters from the port where the boats arrive.

Where to enjoy an ice cream in Procida?

  • Bar Ristorante La Graziella: Although not strictly speaking an ice cream parlour, this restaurant on Via Marina di Corricella offers a variety of desserts, including gelato. You can enjoy your ice cream while taking in the breathtaking view of the harbor.

Where to eat out in Procida ?

  • Il Gazebo (Via Roma) this restaurant is very popular for its Italian cuisine and seafood.. 
  • Bar Ristorante La Graziella (Via Marina di Corricella): this restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the port. It is open every day of the week and offers a variety of Italian dishes.
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Fuego: this restaurant is renowned for its international and Italian cuisine. It is particularly popular for its pizzas. The magnificent setting and friendly atmosphere make this a place not to be missed.

Where to sleep in Procida?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any addresses to recommend as I didn’t sleep there. Otherwise, depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose from a range of hotels, bed & breakfasts and guesthouses. I recommend that you book your accommodation in advance, especially during the high tourist season.

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