Which park to choose between Plitvice and Krka in Croatia?

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Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park are two of Croatia’s jewels. They are must-see destinations for nature lovers. These sites offer a unique experience, with their picturesque waterfalls, turquoise lakes and diverse flora and fauna.

The Plitvice Lakes are Croatia’s oldest and largest national park. They are renowned for their exceptional natural beauty, which has always attracted nature lovers. The park is famous for its series of turquoise lakes, caves and connected waterfalls.

Krka National Park, in southern Croatia, is another magnificent natural site. It encompasses part of the Krka River, Lake Visovačko jezero and a multitude of waterfalls, including the Skradin Falls, which spill over into a beautiful setting. The park offers visitors the chance to take a leisurely stroll through the surrounding flora and fauna.

Which national park to choose in Plitvice and Krka?

The choice between Plitvice and Krka national parks depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want to put nature first, then Plitvice is the best choice. It’s considered the most beautiful park in Croatia and one of the most beautiful in Europe. There are numerous routes, and you can spend 1 hour, the whole day or even 2 consecutive days there without tiring of the scenery. However, it can get very crowded, especially in July and August.

Krka National Park is smaller than Plitvice and can be explored in around 2 hours. It’s much less crowded than Plitvice and you can swim at the main waterfall.

If you want to visit both parks, which should you do first?

I’d definitely recommend starting with Krka, which is almost 3 times smaller than Plitvice, and much less impressive than Plitvice. If you visit Plitvice and then Krka, you’re likely to be disappointed with Krka.

For my part, I visited Krka first and then Plitvice, which enabled me to appreciate Krka without being able to compare it to Plitvice, which I didn’t know yet!

What can you see when you visit the parks?

During your visit to Plitvice, you can choose from 8 circuits of varying length that cross the park. These routes take you over wooden footbridges that cross lakes and waterfalls. You’ll discover 16 turquoise lakes linked by 92 waterfalls.

During your visit to Krka, you’ll take the main circuit around the lake. Part of this circuit is also made on wooden footbridges. The main waterfall is a real paradise! An added bonus for this park (unlike Plitvice) is that you can swim at the main waterfall.

These two parks offer very different experiences that complement each other perfectly.

Below, you’ll find the 2 guides I’ve written for each park, with all the information you need on prices, timetables, parking and the routes to take (for Plitvice), with detailed maps.

Article 1 : Plitvice Lakes in Croatia: the complete guide

plitvice krka

Located halfway between Zadar and Zagreb, Croatia’s Plitvice National Park is one of the country’s most emblematic sites. With its 16 fantastic turquoise and emerald lakeslinked by hundreds (92 to be exact!) of waterfalls, streams and torrents, it’s a veritable natural treasure trove. Covering almost 30,000 hectares, it has preserved its authenticity thanks to rules such as the ban on swimming.

Article 2 : Krka National Park in Croatia: the complete guide

plitvice krka

This magnificent National Park covers an area of 109 km² and is home to the Krka River and numerous waterfalls, including the famous Skradin Falls. The Skradin Falls are in fact made up of 17 waterfalls! The last is the most impressive at 10 meters high.
The park offers the chance to wander through the surrounding flora and fauna.

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